The Karoo Secret Story

The Karoo Secret Story

The Story of Karoo Secret

This beautiful period house was built in the 1950`s for the then farm manager, “Oubaas”, Mr Weyers and his wife. They had a son, Ferdie. The original homestead had no Electric power. Paraffine lights were used. The Weyers’ had an old wood stove to cook on. You can see the relic slab of concrete on the floor in the Springbuck room which was the original kitchen.

There was only one bathroom in the centre of the house. This had a bath, basin and toilet. The water was heated by the old fashioned “Donkey system”. This was an outside fire pit which had to be manually stocked with wood. The outside shower gives you an idea of this donkey system. We have converted this bathroom now to the more modern open plan kitchen. We removed a wall of the old “Voorkamer” (evidence can be seen on the floorboards) to make a bigger open plan lounge /dining room as you see now. All the rooms were painted interesting colours. Some were bright blue, yellow and green!! Luckily fashions have changed!

Our rooms are decorated with furniture, each piece with a little secret story attached to add to the spice of each room. Our light fittings in our kitchen and living room feature original ox yokes used on Margot`s family farm. Trunks and suitcases in the various room are memorabilia from boarding school days.

This family only lived in this house for 10 years. The need for a manager grew less and the Weyers left. Oubaas’ house lay vacant until the present day.

Karoo secret became a dream for Margot once her children were out of boarding school. The sad empty house was waiting for the right year for Margot to realize her dream. With the multi capable Chris, who sees chance to take any new venture to another level, we began to tackle the house and “wake” Sleeping Beauty from her dormant state. Thus began “the Kiss of Life”.

The peace and serenity found on our front stoep, together with the stunning view of the Sneeuberg range is our Secret.  Watch the mountains for the range of colours, from sunrise to sunset. Treat yourself on the “voorstoep”.

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